The Tao of Winning


Tao is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’ or ‘doctrine.’ The Tao of Winning is the summation of Annetta Lucero’s life experiences and the lessons they taught her. Whether from Winning, Losing, or Letting Go, each story contains the essence of Annetta’s ‘Tao,’ her positive and life affirming philosophy.  


Annetta Lucero is a two times Guinness World Record holder, a six times World Championship Twirlsport gymnast, a Cirque du Soleil special events artist and a renowned choreographer. A gifted performance artist with a lifetime of dedication and discipline to her art, she is also an incredible speaker, writer and inspiration to all who know her.


Annetta’s many accolades and achievements did not come easily. In both her professional and personal life, she suffered many terrible setbacks and tragedies. But they did not break her.


This is her Tao of Winning.



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Music: “The Tribal Drums” by wheatman
Video includes footage by Baton Biz.


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  • Thank you Nordland Publishing for believing in this project and making the reality of this creation so damn beautiful. I have great faith in my baton twirling community around the globe, and I imagine, we, the misunderstood athletes, will have a more prominent presence and voice in this world because of your contributions. Thank you for stepping off this cliff with me.

    With sincere appreciation,
    ~Annetta Lucero, Nordland Author

  • Kyle Williams Keiser

    First Read Review: Enjoy!!
    When a person is known by one name, there must be something
    iconic about that person. From sharing the gym as competitors in a divine, yet
    unique sport…… being a judge at many times for her events…………to a fellow
    clinician……….an official for notable trips abroad……….and now observer of her
    colorful, textured, poignant, equal parts tragic and exuberant life…………..I
    eagerly let readers know; Annetta’s readers can be nothing less than moved,
    somewhat curious and undoubtedly intrigued.

    The reader will follow this roller coaster of a synopsis of
    deep despair to exultant achievement………from deep thought and inspiration to
    sublime humor and self-ridicule. Like
    Annetta’s life, the story can be disjointed……….with purpose. Humorous………with dark undertones. Inspiring……….then
    puzzling. She is a quilt of every color
    and fabric. Her life, almost
    uber-unique. And, when reading in its
    entirety…………I found essay after essay that made me reflect on who I really am
    in this world. The impact she generates
    is so real……… a totally absurd manner of thinking we may all relate to. The truth is………..Annetta gives us, not just
    glimpses, but glaring moments of reality and honesty. Whether you are moved by a one line quote,
    carried along into an unusual adventure or inspired by a thought, these
    writings are raw and thought provoking.
    Annetta lets us see terribly candid times in her life that some of us
    would possibly hide from. But, with this unveiling………’s not just the unique
    world of the competitive twirler or performer who will see themselves………it’s
    the day to day human experience that is being revealed. The characters are not
    just the stranger, the family member or Annetta, herself. The roles of the actors are played by the very
    people you may see tomorrow.

    The “Tao of Winning”
    isn’t just for the champion. It’s for
    the person………… a life in color.
    Kyle Williams Keiser
    USTA/WBTF Master Judge, Coach and Clinician
    Owner, Kyle Productions
    Western Michigan University, Visual Coordinator

    • Thank you Kyle.
      It is an honor to have journeyed with you.

  • Kristel Bijnen

    An amazing, inspiring book which is easy readable. It gives you a look into her life and the way she deals with the ‘hardships’. Though she would never refer to that word.
    You will be moved by her stories and will gain a lot of insight and lessons on how to view the world, what is happening around you and how you are able to deal with it. It may be different as you are doing now and might help you.
    Learning from a woman with a very strong spirit. From serious to very funny. Like she is herself.
    Beautifully written and inspiring for anyone!

    Kristel Bijnen
    Unemployment benefit due to diseases
    Helmond, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

  • Jeanine Homan

    First read review

    The book The Toa of Winning is really well written. It takes the reader into the story. At moments it made me laugh very loud, brought me to tears, sometimes I forgot to breath and it made me think about things.

    I really enjoyed reading it and it was easy for me to read since english is not my first language.

    The way this book is written triggers to keep reading and it will inspire you.

    Jeanine Homan
    NBTA Baton twirling coach
    Study: Art therapy.
    Groningen, The Netherlands

    • Thank you for a nice description, Jeanine.
      I’m glad it made you laugh so loud!

  • Anita Baggerman

    Unbelievable….. Inspiring…..Motivational…..Breathtaking……Tears of laughter…..The words to describe Annetta’s book.
    It is very easy to read, it’s a lot of fun to read and in every story she’s giving you the feeling that you are a part of the story.
    This is a book I’m gonna read over and over again, just because of the many lessons you can read between the lines. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I just read some of the chapters to feel happy again. Sometimes when I get lost I read some other parts of the book just to get the feeling that you’re worth it, that you mean something and that everybody has the same struggles in life.
    Annetta knows how to inspire you, knows how to motivate you and…….she always knows to say the right words to help you through difficult stages in your life. It makes you think about life and it gives you the power to get on.
    I’m very happy with this book and I’m sure I’m gonna read it many times.

    Anita Baggerman
    Alblasserdam, The Netherlands

    • Thank you, Anita!
      I am thrilled you have enjoyed it so much.

  • Jenna Way

    I LOVE THIS BOOK! Just like it’s author, it is amazing, extraordinary, and unique. It’s a journey through the mind of a wonderful woman as she offers her exceptional perspective on all aspects of her life. Annetta has risen to the challenge and produced a thoughtful, atmospheric, and insightful book.

    She delivers an entertaining account and perspective on numerous events in her life. She has a truly one-of-a-kind way of understanding people and reflecting on events. Her enthusiasm is obvious throughout the book.

    I like the format of the book. The essay approach makes it easy to pick up and read a few pages when I have a few minutes, but, more often, I find myself drawn into the wonderful world of Annetta’s mind and not wanting to put the book down.

    Annetta’s narrative voice is wonderful. At times, she’s serious but can also be very witty. She never pulls any punches – you always know exactly how she’s feeling. This makes for an engaging read.

    Annetta is an exceptional and inspiring writer. This book will never become obsolete.

    Jenna Way
    Charter School Administrator
    Pahoa, Hawaii

    • Thank you so much, Jenna.
      What honoring words you have written.

  • Shakti Hoku Douglas

    Annetta’s book, The Tao of Winning, is inspiring! You’ll find nuggets of gold
    from her journey into loving herself. Expect to be surprised and shaken by
    her brutal honesty and transparency. Written in an unorthodox manner,
    “out of the box” you can turn to any part of the book and learn something
    or you can read it from start to finish in just a few sittings.

    Shakti Hoku Douglas
    Self-Love Coach

    • I am very appreciative for this lovely review.
      Thank you, Shakti.

  • Noah Moore

    First Reader Review:
    A delightfully human look at who some believe to be a machine. Annetta has lived and written about the good, bad, and ugly, but does so honestly and for the reader’s enjoyment. Take a look into what has shaped one of the most unique and raw athletes of modern times, and revel in how similarly it parallels all of our lives. Behind all the titles and celebrity, Annetta is an old and wise soul… find out why.

    • Thank you Noah, I am so grateful for the many miles you traveled with me on this weird and wonderful journey. So much of my writing sprung from the inspiration you triggered.