The Tao of Winning


Tao is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’ or ‘doctrine.’ The Tao of Winning is the summation of Annetta Lucero’s life experiences and the lessons they taught her. Whether from Winning, Losing, or Letting Go, each story contains the essence of Annetta’s ‘Tao,’ her positive and life affirming philosophy.  


Annetta Lucero is a two times Guinness World Record holder, a six times World Championship Twirlsport gymnast, a Cirque du Soleil special events artist and a renowned choreographer. A gifted performance artist with a lifetime of dedication and discipline to her art, she is also an incredible speaker, writer and inspiration to all who know her.


Annetta’s many accolades and achievements did not come easily. In both her professional and personal life, she suffered many terrible setbacks and tragedies. But they did not break her.


This is her Tao of Winning.



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Music: “The Tribal Drums” by wheatman
Video includes footage by Baton Biz.


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