Songs of the North


“Songs of the North” is a thematically linked series of poetry collections. As the name suggests, there is a distinct view of the North, with poetry that relates to, or is inspired by, northern climes. Chill, long winters, arctic tundra, the eternal sun of summer, and of course each poet’s unique vision of the exquisite beauty of the North and what it means to them.

“Compass Head” by Nat Hall



Norman born – Shetland based, Nat Hall is a poet, writer and visual artist who found her home in the windswept wilds of 60°N, Scotland’s far North. Compass Head is her first collection of poetry & prose, inspired by her journey & the raw & rugged beauty of the Shetland archipelago.

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“Heading North” by Andy Murray



Written by Andrew James Murray, a writer and poet from Manchester, England, it takes us on a journey where we travel from the childhood and youth of summer in the South, to the mortality-facing winter of the North. “We ride in the wake of glaciers, leaving behind the sunshine straits.” – “North, north, always north, heading into midnight.”

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“Dying is Forbidden in Longyearybyen” by Katie Metcalfe



The First Release in the “Songs of the North” Series is Katie Metcalfe’s “Dying Is Forbidden in Longyearbyen”, a gritty poetry collection that makes the hardships and joys of the North very real. Katie Metcalfe is a writer and poet from the north of England. She has been drawn to the cold, wild landscapes of Norway, where she finds her inspiration. These poems give voice to her exquisite vision of ice and snow, fang and fur.

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