The Northlore series are three books with a single vision: to explore the rich history, culture and traditions of the Scandinavian peoples. From Folklore, to Mythology to the Legends of the Vikings, these books will take you on an adventure. Be lead astray by Trolls and Huldr, or let Odin and Thor protect and advise you. Whatever your interest, there is something for everyone in the North Lore.


The first Volume of the Northlore Series, “Folklore”, was released in June 2015.




The word folk-lore first appeared in print in 1846, yet the concept it encompassed was far from new. Storytelling is probably as old as humankind itself, and the fables that cultures develop and transmit down through the ages reveal much of what they once thought and believed. This is certainly true of the northern peoples, whose stories reveal a fascination with what today we would term, paranormal phenomena. If the ancient forebears of modern Scandinavia believed in anything, it was unseen spirits, creatures of the forest, and things that went bump in the night.


The Scandinavian peoples came originally from a world of mists and forests, a landscape that spawned a rich history of myth and legend, which entered the collective psyche and formed the bedrock of their soul. Although severely diminished by the arrival of Christianity in the last millennium, these beliefs never fully died out. Many have been preserved as fragments in songs and sagas, while others survive as stories, still told by parents to their children.


Needless to say, these tales were far from being merely entertainment. They had a valid and often chilling message relevant for a pagan people. At the root of the stories, there are lessons to be a learned; little nuggets of wisdom that made sense in their time, and perhaps still makes sense today.


This collection owes itself to inspiration from these ancient tales, retold now in new and sometimes surprising ways. Through humour, adventure and nightmarish horror, we find Trolls in caves, Huldr in forests, Witches and Selkies and mischievous Elves far closer to home than you might ever wish. Welcome to the Northlore series. Warning. Do NOT feed the animals.

The second Volume of the Northlore Series, “Mythos”, was released in December 2016.



The Aesir, as they are known, contain a number of familiar, and perhaps not quite so familiar names. And while some have drifted into comfortable obscurity, the names of others are still remembered by the English speaking world on a daily basis, even if they are not aware.


Odin, Thor, Tyr and Frigg, are known to everyone, as they are commemorated in the names of our weekdays. Tyr for Tuesday, Odin for Wednesday, and you can probably guess the rest.


Tales of the gods’ exploits were told wide and far, and continue to be retold today in one form or another. But the world has changed greatly in the last thousand years since the Aesir’s fall from grace, and not necessarily for the better. Population increase, famine, disease, and war on an impersonal mega-scale are all symptoms of our modern age.


Yet the pagan gods of the far north have not abandoned us, as they still walk the earth. From the trenches of the Somme, to the plains of Russia, we get glimpses into the lives of these ancient beings as they navigate their way through history, sometimes touching us at a personal level, at other times using us for their own ends, while some prefer to pass the time in obscurity, amusing themselves, or just losing themselves, until the end time comes.


Gods don’t die unless they want to. And one thing is for sure, Loki is not about to give up on his plans for Ragnarok. Nor is Thor likely to sit idly by and watch the ultimate battle between good and evil take place without picking a side.


But in the meantime, they keep busy where they can, sometimes doing good, sometimes mischief. But they are always closer than you think.


The stories and poems in this anthology visit the Norse gods at different times and places, covering almost fourteen hundred years, culminating in the present day.


If you have ever wondered where the Norse gods went, or what they were doing, then get this book, for these are their stories.