Morbid Curse

The definitive, interactive Black Metal Magazine.


Nordland Publishing is introducing the First Issue of “Morbid Curse”, an underground Black Metal Magazine that is the Brainchild of Katie Marie Metcalfe and Noctir.


Download the PDF here (10 MB) —> MorbidCurse_Issue1


Morbid Curse will illuminate those metal bands who uphold the old school spirit, and doubles as a great reference for everyone interested in the Black Metal Scene.


The First Issue includes:

• A tribute to Swedish Black Metal musician David Parland.
• An interview with Norwegian artist Kim Holm.
• An interview with Dayal Patterson author of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult.
• In-depth articles including: On the Taming of Evil in Black Metal, On Black Metal Elitism and On the Downfall of Death Metal.
• Music reviews and Album recommendations for Abruptum, Bathory, Beherit, Black Murder, Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Mütiilation, Moonblood and Poison.
• Artwork from Noctir, Tora Wolff and Monica Hansebakken.


The whole magazine is interactive – every band name / song title can be clicked and listened to (internet connection required).
This e-Zine is also optimized for smartphone / tablet usage.


We hope you enjoy it!
Katie Marie Metcalfe, Noctir, Michael Kobernus and Markus Furchner.


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