Antares Anthology



The Universe is vast, with many challenges, but will we be overcome by the forces that oppose us? Will we need to reshape ourselves, and become something new and strange? Will we even recognize our own descendants?


The stories in this first volume of the Antares Anthology explore these wide-ranging issues and many more. Some suggest solutions, others raise more questions. Each provides a Glimpse of an uncertain future where Humanity strives to achieve its destiny, or perish in the attempt.


Hinc itur ad astra – From here, the path to the stars.


If you are interested in writing for the Antares Anthology, then keep an eye out for the next open call. We intend to publish a new collection of speculative fiction, annually. So, if you want to join us on this journey, be sure to bookmark the open calls page.

An Introduction from Co-Author David Grigg: