“The Tao of Winning” by Annetta Lucero – Available May 14th

“Whether it is competition, school, work or Life, focus your energy on what you can do, rather than trying to beat somebody else. To reach YOUR highest potential, you must focus on your own amazing assets.”

– Annetta Lucero


The Tao of Winning, available May 14 on Amazon.

Annetta Lucero, six times world Champion Twirlsport gymnast, Cirque du Soleil special events artist, renowned choreographer and two times Guinness World Record holder is a gifted performance artist with a lifetime of dedication and discipline to her art. She is also an incredible writer and inspiration to all who know her. Annetta’s book, the Tao of Winning, is a personal history of success, loss and triumph, that reflects both her professional and personal life.
Join Annetta on a journey of self discovery and discover how the Tao of Winning can change your life.

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