The Guardian Saga begins with “Blood in the Sand”

Nordland Publishing are proud to announce the release of “The Guardian – Blood in the Sand.”

Follow the misadventures of Philip Entwhistle, a historian with “a good heart.” Tested and chosen, Philip becomes the recipient of an ancient secret: A secret for which people have killed, and will kill again.

What happens when academia crosses paths with the occult?

The most powerful witch in England is hell bent on becoming a god, and Philip has made the worst decision of his scholastic career. He plans to stop her. He has no idea what he is up against, and soon discovers he might lose more than just a promotion.

For Philip Entwhistle, academia has never been so cutthroat.

Blood in the Sand is the first instalment of a new saga that combines love, magic and revenge, propelling Philip from his hum-drum life to the Sahara, as he unearths a mystery that lay hidden for a century.

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“The Guardian – Blood in the Sand” is available now, worldwide on Amazon. CLICK HERE and scroll down for the individual country links.