Katie Marie Metcalfe


Katie_SQUAREI am a writer, poet, blogger and editor from the North of England. Since childhood, I have felt an attachment to shadows and northern landscapes, winter and death, occultism and all sorts of unsettling subjects.


I was the strange little girl in school, the one who would read ghosts stories under her desk during religion lessons, and at night sleep with her arms crossed over her chest. I was the child waiting for the first snow of winter. Okay, so I don’t sleep with my arms crossed over my chest anymore, but I always still reach for a ghost story over a religious text and I still wait at the window for the first snow fall.

Through my creative work, I attempt to explore my attachments to shadows and the north, particularly Scandinavia. When I am exploring the dark and the north, be it through writing or walking through a forest, I am home.

I am the creator and host of Wyrd Words & Effigies blog which has been live for three years and now includes a magazine publication, and the co-founder of Vargamor, a blog created to support women working in the dark arts.

Currently, I am working on a guide to contemporary dark northern culture, as well as a book about Norwegian identity.


Much more information can be found at my website http://katiemariemetcalfe.weebly.com/ and also my blog https://katiemetcalfeblogger.wordpress.com/