Open Call for the Northlore Series


Nordland invites those that have an affinity for the myths, legends and folklore of Scandinavia to join us in producing a series of anthologies of short stories and poems.


If you have a longing for the cold, or endless winter nights, or if the lure to go a viking is strong, then we welcome your submission.


Three books, three themes, one vision.


We began the series with “Folklore.” You can see the book online here.


With the release of book II, Mythos, things have started to take off. You can find Mythos here.


We are pleased to announce the third and final open call of the series: Legends.


We are looking for short stories between 2500-8000 words and Poetry of any length.



This collection will be about the Viking spirit. Whether a period story, set in the middle ages, or a story about a Wall Street banker who has the same cunning and killer instincts as good old Ragnar Lothbrook himself, each story will be original, and reflect aspects of the Viking ethos: Honour, Loyalty, Oaths, Pride, Strength and more.


Three books, three themes, one vision: Northlore.


Before you submit your work, please be sure to follow the publication guidelines.