Nat Hall


Nat Hall is a Norman-born, Shetland-based poet and visual artist, educated on French and British shores at Aix-en-Provence and Oxford. France is a long way from the Shetland Isles, yet Nat feels very much at home there. The rugged wilds of 60 degrees north have provided her with the inspiration for her first collection of solo poetry, Compass Head, which will be published as part of the “Songs of the North” series.


Nat is a member of Shetland Arts’ Writers Groups, Shetland ForWirds (Dialect Group), RuthMacdougall’s Humblyband Project (Scotland), the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics under the directorship of Luing based Glasgow poet Norman Bissell, ArtiPeeps, a multi-disciplinary Collective led by Nicky Mortlock (England) and the Federation of Writers (Scotland).


She contributed to the Canadian Poetry Association as a “world poet” as well as an Assistant Editor/Consultant for Poemata, River Bones Press in Moncton, NB (2008–2010).


Selected works featured in the anthologies The Pull of the Moon or Bicycle Dreams, Shetland New Writing Anthology (Scotland, 2004), Pushing Out the Boat, Issue 10 (Scotland, 2010), And Left a Place to Stand On: Poems and Essays on Al Purdy, collaborative writing with Donna Allard (Canada, 2009), Wirds fae da Westside & Westside Noir (Shetland, 2013 & 2015), Transformations (Edited by ArtiPeeps, 2014) and The Nine Realms (Edited by ArtiPeeps, 2015); and in other literary places—Shetland Life, The New Shetlander, NorthWords Now, Bright Pebbles & Mirds of Wirds (photography) (Scotland, 2010), Stravaig, The Poetry of Scotland, Poetry Scotland (Open Mouse), suckingmud, Poetry Scotland, Poésie Française –The Battered Suitcase, Cella RoundTrip (USA), and Poemata (Canada). She co-penned From Shore to Shoormal /Dun rivage à l’autre with Donna Allard (BJP, 2012).


Author website: nordicblackbird / the roost