Michelle E. Lowe


Michelle E. Lowe lives in southern California, where she keeps herself busy raising two girls and playing momma to October, an eighteen year old calico cat. Michelle’s a nerd at heart and enjoys watching old science fiction, fantasy and horror movies. She loves books and graphic novels and will play old Atari games whenever she gets the chance. Listening to music is a must when she’s reading, writing, or plotting evil deeds.


A Georgia born native, Michelle spent most her life near Atlanta before pulling up stakes and moving clear across country with her husband, Ben. History piques her interests, especially European. Other interests include oil painting, arts & crafts, and collecting knick-knacks.


Her writings include seven published novels, one in which has earned a spot on the Best Books of 2014 list. Her latest escapade is a six book steampunk / fantasy series, titled Legacy. Legacy Vol.1 is the first of Michelle’s books to be published by Nordland Publishing.


Author website: michellelowe.net