Katie Metcalfe


Katie Metcalfe is a professional writer, poet and blogger. Since childhood, she has felt an attachment to shadows and northern landscapes, winter and death, occultism, folklore and all sorts of unsettling subjects. She was the strange little girl in school, the one who would read ghosts stories under her desk during religion lessons, and at night sleep with her arms crossed over her chest.


She has been a storyteller and avid book reader since her very early years, and knew from the moment she could hold a pen that writing was what she wanted to do with her life. The north is very much a fixture in Katie’s life. Born in North Yorkshire in 1986 she is northern bred, but it was when she first watched the 1958 epic “The Vikings!” aged seven that her passion for northern climes really took hold.


Her writing is greatly influenced by Scandinavian culture, history and landscapes. She is also extremely passionate about the Arctic, and explores, within her work, the past, present and future of the polar region, as well as the results of global warming.


Katie’s books include “Anorexia: A Stranger In The Family,” “One of Many Knots,” “Outskirts,” “The Absence of Trees” and “The Long Stillness.” She is the founder of “Wyrd Words & Effigies” blog and magazine, and co-founder of Vargamor, a site which supports, inspires and celebrates women in the creative dark arts. Katie has performed her poetry at events across the UK, in Norway and Canada.


Currently, she is working on a guide to contemporary dark northern culture, as well as a book examining Norwegian identity. “Dying Is Forbidden In Longyearbyen” is her fifth poetry collection.