Andrew James Murray


Andrew James Murray remains anchored in his childhood town in Manchester, England. From an early age he developed a love for reading and writing. In primary school, a teacher expressed her concern to his parents about his choice of books: while other kids were reading the likes of Dahl and Blyton, he was devouring the likes of James Herbert and Stephen King. Interestingly, when he left for high school, that same teacher, who used to pass his stories around the staff room, wrote that she hoped he would manage to get a book published one day.


His reading tastes now encompasses all genres, and he currently thinks that there can be no greater collection of books than Penguin Modern Classics, although he has high hopes for Nordland. When travelling, he likes to read something relevant to where he is going, for example George Mackay Brown in Orkney, and Nikos Kazantzakis in Crete.


He married Jen, who he had been best friends with for twenty five years, and they now have two children together, making four in total for him. Among other things, he has worked as a postman, a foster carer, a volunteer youth mentor, and now acts as host to students from around the world.


His many interests, other than literature, include history, ancestry, music, old movies, the natural world, football, and, much to Jen’s chagrin, tracking Great White sharks throughout the world over the internet.


After writing for the Mass Observation Project, based in Sussex University, he started a blog, and began writing more poetry and fiction. His work has been included in various anthologies and publications, including Best Of Manchester Poets, and his collection “Heading North” is due to be published soon by Nordland Publishing.