The Antares Anthology is available now.

This anthology marks a new direction for Nordland, as it is pure speculative fiction. Since this is our first foray into this field, I would like to take a minute to introduce the Antares team. As Editor in Chief of Nordland Publishing, I had a hand in affairs, but the lion’s share of the work fell to our two new associates, David Grigg and Micha Fire, both of whom came to Nordland from a previous collaborative project.

A little about our new team: David, who, aside from being an editor par excellence, is a talented writer and science fiction magus. Micha is also a superlative writer and an invaluable member of the management team behind Antares.

Antares is an annual publication, and you can be assured that it will always strive to include only the very best of speculative science fiction.

Remember, hinc itur ad astra!

“Antares” is available since November 26nd, worldwide. We’ll update this page with the Amazon links.

Click here for the full resolution cover.