A look back at 2016

The year held some new experiences, and some highs for Nordland Publishing. We produced some fine books, attended some launches, hosted our first webcast, and generally had a good time.

We published the third in the Songs of the North series, Compass Head by Nat Hall. A book of contrasts, language and imagery. It is beautiful on multiple levels and is, I think you will agree, an absolute must have.

We also put out our first SteamPunk novel, Legacy, the brainchild of Michelle Lowe. Legacy is an alternate reality Victorian romp, with magic, murder and plenty of mayhem. Oh, and a thief you just cannot help but cheer for. Look out for more from Michelle, in the future!

In the summer, we went outside of our comfort zone when we published High Tide, Low Tide; a book about the challenges of Bipolarism, and how a good friend can make all the difference. We are proud of the courage, determination and elegance of the story and the writing from Fran Houston and Martin Baker.

We followed that up with Antares, a stunning Sci-Fi anthology that brought on board the talents of David Grigg, an antipodean editor extraordinaire, who provided the driving force behind the collection. You can expect to see a call for submissions to volume II of Antares in the near future.

Next came Mythos, the second of the Northlore Series, and as cool a collection of stories about the Norse gods as you could want!

The very final release of the year, was the second in the Guardian series, Blood in the Snow, by yours truly, MJ Kobernus. All in all, we did well, and we are thankful to all those that helped makes these books a reality. And we are grateful too, to all those who bought them, and keep coming back for more.

Thanks, everyone. See you next year!